Brass insert professionals

We have been working with precision metal turning for more than 50 years, and in 1985 we began specialising in the production of brass pipe fittings used with plastic material overmoulding. In addition, we are ready to offer a variety of turned components to satisfy even the most sought-after production requirements, with innovative and personalised solutions.

Plumbing for the civil and industrial buildings sector

We specialise in supporting the civil and industrial building sector, which produces even large-sized hydraulic and thermal hydraulic plants. We produce brass inserts for PPR, PPSU, CPVC, PVDF or other types of plastic used for transporting hot and cold water. Brass inserts to be used with moulded water filters and water pump taps are part of our production.

Gas for civil and industrial buildings sector

Our know how allows us to assist the civil and industrial building sector that deals with natural gas both in Italy and abroad. In this particular sphere, we produce brass inserts for PE moulding so that our clients have PE/Brass transition fittings that can be used in piping for gas supply. We develop the best product together with our clients.

Turned products for other sectors

We also work in other business sectors that require “outsourced” production. Thanks to the experience we have acquired in mechanical processing, we can produce turned parts and turned nuts and bolts for those clients who have a specific drawing of the article to be produced. We can support clients both during the preliminary and the insert prototyping phases. We work with job orders of various sizes and difficulty.

Brass Quotation

CW614N/CW617N Prezzo base € 7.290,00 CW724R-Ecosi Valore metallo € 9.730,00 €/ton

Updated to 13/06/2024
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Why choose Marangon?

Attention to detail is our distinctive characteristic. We want to show 100% Italian quality and technology to the foreign market.

Cutting-edge technology

We constantly invest to innovate the machines we use to produce, the software technology for efficient and slim company management, the types of packaging used for product transport.

Qualified professionality

We are a solid company with a young team that is growing. Our team has qualified, prepared members who aim at giving a top quality, professional service.

The client in first place

We have developed a relationship with our clients that is based on continuity and trust. Our products are part of a continuous cycle with our clients, we are part of their production.

About Marangon

Our core business is based on the production of brass inserts, and the know how acquired over more than 25 years of activity has made us a sector leader. Always in line with tendencies, we can produce even other turned brass articles, made according to the drawings and designs supplied by the client. Marangon can fulfil large orders quickly, thanks to its high level of automation and its consistent number of technologically advanced machines. Our production is completely made in Italy. The care we give to our clients begins as soon as their order arrives, and continues with a team of professionals that follows production.


Production destined for Export

The request for brass inserts from the foreign market is constantly growing


Pieces produced yearly

5,000 tonnes of material are used yearly


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