Marangon Danilo & C. Srl uses part of its profits to update its machine bay and the technological innovation levels of its equipment in general. Marangon believes that investment is a sign of professional and company growth, so it believes in the work it does and the product it offers.

Processing phases

The production cycle follows the chain of production of the work phases with the best precision machines on the market and the best technical experts. Here they are.


The turning phase is supported by an up-to-date machine bay with 29 automatic multi-spindle mechanical and numeric control lathes, and 7 automatic single-spindle numeric control lathes. The lathes are supported by automatic plants that manage the lubricating oil and chips, giving high production efficiency.


The wash phase includes the use of two modified alcohol machines that use vacuum technology and ultrasound to clean. In this manner, they obtain constant and excellent cleaning and degreasing results.

Both washing machines are served automatically by a robot that loads and unloads the trays holding the pieces to be washed. This system gives constant and efficient production.


The products can be packed in two different ways: either in bags or in carton boxes, both of which are produced by the automatic packing line. When boxes are used, the products are inserted loose, but if requested by the client they can be positioned manually in dedicated blisters.