Who We Are

Marangon is a company that started its life in north-east Italy, where genius and creativity contributed to the economic and human success of the people of the Veneto region. This spirit still feeds the will of the company to grow and improve day by day.


In 1961 Danilo Marangon opened the doors of a mechanical turnery that produced high precision pieces for the most varied sectors of use. In 1985, after intense activity and solid professionalism, the company was ready to specialise in the brass insert sector, and soon became a market reference point. The choice of working only with brass allowed Marangon to slim production, making it efficient and competitive. This choice for efficiency resulted in the division of chips from the oil, smoke abatement and constant improvements in the chain of production, which in turn led to high quality production at a truly competitive prices.

Today, Marangon srl is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced companies in the brass insert field, with its large-scale production including: brass inserts for PPR, brass inserts for PE, brass inserts for CPVC, brass inserts for PPSU and PVDF, brass inserts for water filters, brass transition fittings between plastic and plastic, or plastic and metal.

Marangon Danilo & C. believes that one of its greatest successes is the continuity it has with its clients. It is a relationship of trust that goes beyond the normal transaction that usually takes place between buyer and seller. The company can establish a collaboration of total faith and esteem with its clients because the items it produces become part of the clients’ production cycle.

The new premises of Marangon Danilo & C. was opened in Montecchio Maggiore in 1982. It initially covered 1,000 sqm, but by acquiring the nearby land it now extends over a total surface area of 6,500 sqm, 5,000 sqm of which for production and 1,500 sqm for the depots.

The company uses the most modern machinery, and today it has 29 automatic multi-spindle mechanical and numeric control lathes, and 7 single-spindle CNC lathes for producing smaller lots.

In cosa crediamo


Being competitive with a continually developing market pushes Marangon management to make continual investments in research on innovative work processes, machinery that is always cutting-edge and the training of its highly professional team.

A machine bay with automatic multi-spindle mechanical and numeric control lathes, automatic single-spindle numeric control lathes, modified alcohol washers with vacuum technology and automatic packing systems are the feathers in this company’s cap.

Know How

Not just suppliers of a product, but consultants and prototypers who work alongside the client to reach the best solution: obtaining an excellent product that is fully Made in Italy. The company has been nourishing a passion for three generations: mechanical precision turning.


Confirming its activity through instruments, people and certifications: these three points led the company to receive a continually increasing number of orders from abroad. In 1998, Marangon Danilo & C. Srl obtained UNI EN ISO 9001 international quality certification. With constant commitment and implementation during the process phases, the company also obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.


75% of the company production unit works for the foreign market. Export has become a protagonist of company business, a business that company management has cultivated with agents in different parts of the world so that collaboration is always given to clients along their business road. The company is continually growing, and is present with its brass inserts in every corner of the world.


Innovation and quality at the service of the client.


We work hard to satisfy our clients. The professional distinction of our collaborators allows us to face any situation.


We aim at satisfying clients quickly with slim production and automated delivery management.


We always try to find the best solution for our clients’ requests and give an excellent result. Our results are the logical consequences of an efficient company, a quality product and attention given to clients.