Even though technology is the undiscussed protagonist of the mechanical turning sector, Marangon Danilo & C. Srl places the client at the centre of its business. In this manner, a relationship is built on faith and continuous attention is paid to careful service and the end product.

Preliminary consultancy and prototyping

Our experts carry out a preliminary technical consultancy on the specifications requested by the client, so as to permit an operative choice that saves time and costs.


Anyone with special requirements will find that the Marangon team has a know-how that supports the delicate phase of designing the brass or bronze insert. Assisted by cutting-edge technology and new generation software, technical drawings can be made to suit the client. After this comes the prototype phase, essential if the job order is to come out well, which is followed by specialist technicians until a quality finished product is made.

Heat treatment

We are equipped with the most sophisticated machines to carry out heat treatment, such as Stretching and Annealing, according to the client’s job order. Heat treatment is carried out over several cycles, but the innovation we apply has reduced preparation times.

Galvanic treatments

Marangon Danilo & C.  can offer various metal surface treatments, such as: nickelling, tinning, chroming and galvanising. Clients can select the most suitable treatment for their product, even small quantities.

Other services

The flexibility of our company allows it to accept mechanical processing orders that range from the simplest to the most complex, following the clients’ drawings and during the preliminary phase, after consultation with our team. We guarantee personalized solutions, offering a complete service from order receipt to sending of the finished product, and always doing our best to keep the final client satisfied.


At the end of the production process, the material is prepared and packed carefully, ready for delivery to any corner of the world. The logistics sector is very careful about packaging, so much so that the fully automated process includes an inspection that goes from the production sector to the depot until order fulfilment. All this is done thanks to our Quality Control System. Delivery times are fast and efficient, a guarantee that the client will always be fully satisfied.