Quality certification

With implementation of its quality system and the chain of production integration processes that follow the product through all its phases, Marangon Danilo & C srl obtained UNI EN ISO 9001 international quality certification in 1998. After this, constant investments and system updating made it possible for the company to obtain UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.


The highly qualified staff uses innovative equipment to inspect all the production process and material supply phases. The staff contributes to managing product traceability, perfecting the processes and products according to the international quality standards, until delivery.


When the raw material arrives, random dimensional checks are carried out; this is done to create the bar code labels necessary for full traceability of the raw material along the whole chain of production. Once in a while an external laboratory is used to chemically analyse the material.

Production kick off inspection

Before production begins, all the measures are inspected by the quality manager, who certifies that everything complies with the definitive technical drawing.

Line inspections

All the production departments have work benches with all the measuring instruments needed for carrying out a dimensional inspection of the pieces. The inspection is supported by quality software that records both the operator who measured and all the data that were found.

Downstream wash inspections

An additional dimensional inspection is carried out systematically on all the crates that exit from the wash; the inspection is carried out on a specific measuring bench.

Inspections during packing

At every automatic machine used for packaging there is a specialist who visually makes sure that each package respects the established standards.